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  • Where do I go for Maintenance?

    Monday 30 May 2016

    -Do I have to take my car back to the dealership to have my "maintenance" services done? -If I have my service performed somewhere other than the dealer, will it affect my warranty? Performing maintenance services at the manufacturer dealership is not required. Having an independent shop perform your service will not affect your warranty as long as the correct fluids and parts are used.  We have up to date information on fluid and maintenance requirements to help keep your new... read more

  • Car Care Tips – Timing Belt

    Monday 23 May 2016

    "Why is a Timing Belt important"? This may seem like an obvious question to some, but not everyone. A "timing belt" is what it sounds like, a rubber belt that controls the timing of internal combustion engines. Although it looks like a little rubber band, it is very important. It ensures that the camshaft, which controls the valves, and the crankshaft, which controls the pistons, rotate together. In other words, it keeps the top part of the engine in sync with the bottom half... read more

  • Car Care Tips – Power Steering Fluid

    Monday 16 May 2016

    Why do you need to do a Transmission Fluid Flush?  Because transmission fluid is constantly exposed to heat, friction, electrochemical degradation and it breaks down over time losing it viscosity and lubricating properties.  Vital parts of your car’s transmission can become clogged with sludge and varnish deposits.  90% of transmission failures are caused by overheating and contaminated fluid according to the Automotive Transmission Builder’s Association. A Transmissi... read more

  • My car has computers????

    Monday 09 May 2016

    A Technician must be skilled at computer networking. Modern vehicles contain more computers than the first ship that went to the moon. Some vehicles have up to 100 different computers in them! A lot of these computers work together to accomplish a single goal, so when something goes wrong performing that single goal, the fault could be in any one of the functioning computers. This makes modern computer systems extremely difficult to diagnose. Knowing how these computers network with each other i... read more

  • Car Care Tips - Power Steering Fluid

    Tuesday 03 May 2016

    When Power Steering Fluid is new, it is generally a translucent red or, clear, but turns dark with age and heat.  Normal driving ultimately causes power steering fluid to be affected by heat, friction and electrochemical degradation.  Hard turns create high pressures and can cause more damage to the fluid.  Power Steering problems contributed to contaminated fluid can include leaks, steering noises, stiff steering or hard turning after you first start your car.  Dark power st... read more

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