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Jim's Auto Clinic has been a part of Cincinnati's great history for honest and excellent automotive service. In 1974, two Cincinnati firemen started working on cars on their off days to make extra money for their growing families. Working out of the back garage of Monfort Heights Exxon Station, Jim Daugherty and Jim Greve started working on Japanese cars, namely Toyota's. No one else in the automotive world at that time wanted to work on Hondas, Toyotas, and Datsuns (Nissans). Their reputation for fixing Japanese cars right the first time spread. Not too long after, the two Jim's ran into a man named George Berry, who had a lot of experience on diesel engines from barges on the Ohio River. Tired of the river life, George started working on cars. His very first day he rebuilt an engine on a Toyota Landcruiser! Greve and Daughtery then bought a retired Sohio gas station a few blocks down Northbend Road. There they sold gas and repaired only Japanese cars. In 1979, due to rising gas prices and little profit in selling gas, they stopped pumping gas and built an addition on the side of the existing building to add two more bays.They next hired two young mechanics, Neal Cummings and Bob Berry. Neal's father was also a Cincinnati fireman and Bob was George's younger brother. These five built Jim's Auto Clinic into what it is today!